As a dealership who chooses to up-fit it’s inventory vehicles, you’re faced with many choices regarding each vehicle you send to your up-fitter. From suspension lifts to wheels to side steps, the amount of options you have can be nearly limitless. One choice that is often not give much thought, however, is the choice of tires. In lifted trucks and Jeeps, tires can be the deciding factor that sells a customer on a vehicle.

In this installment of the SORS blog, we’ll cover three of today’s most popular choices in all-terrain tires – from their strengths and weaknesses down to their mass appeal.


The Ridge Grappler, as you probably know, is the reigning king of all-terrain tires at the moment. They’re absolutely everywhere – from mud holes to mall parking lots, the Ridge Grappler is synonymous with the off-road look. Their reputation is not unwarranted either. A hybrid between an all-terrain tire and a mud terrain, the Ridge Grappler’s deep, aggressive sidewall lugs and dynamic tread pattern deliver both capable off-road performance and a pleasant, low-noise ride on pavement.


Mickey Thompson’s Baja ATZ P3 is another hybrid design between an all-terrain and mud terrain tread pattern to give the grip needed for weekend adventures and a smooth ride on paved conditions. The Baja features a broad footprint with large tread blocks and open voids to help deliver the traction you need in dry rock and course sand environments as well as muddy ground situations. Furthermore, these tires feature Mickey’s sidebiters are sharp, aggressive A-shaped ridges formed into the tire carcass that actually “bite” into the inside of a rut created by the tire in sand, mud or other soft earth, and help the tire grab traction and move the vehicle forward through that soil.


A relative new comer to this category is Yokohama’s new X-AT tire from its Geolander range. What does the X-AT get you? Once again a hybrid design, the X-AT offers up capable off-road performance matched with exceptional tread life. Expertly engineered 3-ply construction with special attention paid to the sidewalls provide extra ruggedness and strength in punishing off-road conditions. Pair that all with a quiet(er) ride to make for a tire worth serious consideration.


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