If there is one trend that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the truck enthusiast world, it’s this: Bigger Trucks are Better. While this doesn’t exactly sound like news when you’re talking about lifted trucks – consider this; not long ago, a 20 inch wheel and 37″ tire was on the upper limits of wheel/tire size combinations. Today, 20s with 37s is THE look truck guys are after, and they want this wheel set up on BIG trucks. Further more, truck guys are increasingly moving towards 3/4 and 1-ton trucks for their superior capabilities, comforts and massive size.

If you’re a dealership considering using an upfitting partner to offer vehicles with this look on your lot, you may be worried about the cost of getting your full size trucks. Between lift, wheels and tires these packages add up. Well, Southern Off-Road has news for you – getting this look on 3/4 and 1-ton trucks can be one of the least expensive packages your dealership buys!  Wondering how this is possible? Read on to learn why truck guys are moving to to these trucks and why your dealership should be stocking up-fitted versions of them.


On a half-ton truck, you’re typically talking about at least a 4″ – but typically a 6″ suspension lift to clear a 37″ tire. Because of this, up-fit packages for these vehicles featuring 37s are often on the pricey side. However, this is not the case with 3/4 & 1-ton trucks. Because of their overall bigger size, it only takes a leveling kit or 2.5″ lift in order to clear 37s. In fact, our least expensive base package, called the Sportsman, is able to clear 37″ tires on Chevy, Ford and Ram heavy duty trucks. For you, this means less investment for more truck; and a truck everyone is dying to get at that. Check out this gallery of 3/4 ton trucks with our Sportsman package. We think you’ll agree that these trucks mean business.


Heavy duty trucks come with a slew of features truck guys are after. The diesel engines that most of these trucks are fitted with offer radically superior power and towing capacity to gasoline engines. Most truck guys are going to be doing plenty of hauling, towing capability is just as important as having a big, aggressive looking truck. These up-fit packages give your dealerships customers both, and the low investment cost makes them a win win for your dealership. The only question that remains is – what are you waiting for

To get your a Sportsman heavy duty truck on your lot, contact our sales team today!


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