Summertime is beginning to draw to a close, and the time of falling leaves and cooler air will soon be upon us. Fall is a great time for getting out on the road and participating in all things outdoors. It’s also a great time for truck owners – whether you’ll be taking your truck up to the mountains to escape the hustle and bustle, or out to the woods for deer season, your truck will likely be putting the work in.

However, fall comes with road debris and occasional wintery-mixes toward the end of the season, along with other sets of challenges for truck owners. To ensure your truck is ready for the season, here’s all the up-fits your truck should get this fall.


If and when wet weather hits this fall, you’ll want all the traction you can get. With their aggressive tread and superior water channeling, all-terrain tires make excellent wet-weathers choices. Since they are designed for averse, off-road conditions like mud, sand, and loose dirt, they handle wet and/or slushy roads with ease, giving you superior traction over regular street tires. These tires will also give you a leg up should that rain turn to ice or slush. Our picks for all-terrain tires are the Toyo Open Country A/T3, the Yokohama Geolander X-AT, and the Nitto Ridge Grappler. All of these tires combine all the best features of an all-terrain, mud and all-season tire into one stellar hybrid package.


If you’ll be hitting mountain service roads, dirt paths or any other off-road conditions this fall, you’ll want some additional ground clearance over what your vehicle has stock. With fall weather comes debris on the road, as well as wash-outs and ditches on gravel and dirt paths. A leveling kit will raise the front of your truck up to be more parallel with the rear, giving you a few inches of additional ground clearance in the front. A level also allows you to run slightly larger tires that stock in most cases, which is helpful for running those all-terrain tires we talked about previously. While a level may give you all the clearance you’ll need, a modest lift will ensure you can clear most any obstacle you come across. 3” to 4” lifts will give you a considerable amount of ground clearance, especially when paired with taller all-terrains. This type of lift is our pick if you plan on getting into some serious terrain this fall.


Fall means dead leaves everywhere – including the inside of your truck. Pair that with dirt and mud from forest roads, and the inside of your truck is a disaster before you know it. Make for an easy clean up this fall with removable, washable floor liners. Our pick is WeatherTech – they always fit, they go in and out easy, and they clean up in a breeze. 


If you’ve got an open truck bed, you know that fall means your bed is continuously full of leaves, pine needles, and water. Evade this scenario with a bed cover this fall to keep the contents of your bed – whether it’s camping gear or hunting gear – clean, dry and leaf-free.

Combine all these features for a truck that can’t be stopped this fall (or winter, spring, summer). If you’re a dealership, having trucks with these features on your lot will give you additional selling points to work off of in addition to all of the great stock features of the truck. Anyway you spin it, trucks with these up-fits are winners.


Southern Off-Road Specialists offers three distinct dealership packages, each of which features several standard features. However, each package can be custom tailored to fit a dealer’s needs. Add a bed rack, light bar, traction pads and a winch to our Valor or Anthem lift packages for an ideal overland vehicle – straight from your showroom.