We often get questions and concerns from our dealer partners and retail customers regarding the handling, structural integrity and/or all-around safety of lift systems. While there is validity to these concerns, we’ve picked up on some misinformation that’s been going around and we’d like to set the record straight. In this installment of the SORS blog, we’re going to do some myth busting: off-road style.

It’s important to note that not all suspension lift systems are created equal. SORS uses only the highest quality and most reliable lift systems, allowing us to substantiate the following claims. The following is true for SORS up-fitted vehicles and for the suspension systems sold by our preferred vendors.


The initial concern that many express to us is that a vehicles ride quality is hampered by lifting. The Superlift kits that we utilize at SORS utilize high quality components and shocks, all of which are specifically designed to meet factory performance standards. This results in a vehicle that rides identical (and sometimes better) than stock form.


When installing larger lifts, our customers sometimes express concerns over their vehicle’s drivability. Going for a larger lift means changing a vehicle’s suspension geometry, and many worry that these changes lead to compromised handling. Customers need not worry though, as we utilize proper corrected lift systems. When we say a lift system is “corrected”, we mean that it utilizes drop/relocation brackets to correct any geometry issues that come with lifting the vehicle. The result is a vehicle that drives just like stock – just taller.


Finally, a major concern that is often expressed is the safety of lifted vehicles. These concerns are warranted, which is why steps have been taken to ensure these vehicle’s safety. Lift kits installed on SORS dealer vehicles are compliant with FMVSS 126 standards, which ensures that the suspension lift does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s ESC (Electronic Stability Control). Because safety is of the utmost importance to us, we have already begun looking into compliance and testing with recent technology advances like ADAS, accident avoidance tech, and self driving technologies as well.

At SORS, we also ensure that every vehicle is fitted with OE quality “wear parts” (balljoints, bushings, etc.), so that everyone of our vehicles can be serviced at the dealership without any fuss. Pair that with our 3 year/36,000 mile warranty that mirrors the dealer’s warranty on new dealer packages and you can rest easy that, in the event that you vehicle does need repair work, we’ve got you covered.


Southern Off-Road Specialists offers three distinct dealership packages, each of which features several standard features. However, each package can be custom tailored to fit a dealer’s needs. Visit our home page to learn more, or our ‘Become a Dealer’ page to join our dealership program!