It’s now May – 2 months since the pandemic hit full swing. While new cases of the disease are on the downswing (something we’re all very thankful for), we know that there are still lasting repercussions to come in the following months. Namely, we are aware that dealerships are likely going to see a shortage of new inventory due to a lack of production over the last two months. We also understand that, given these circumstances, it’s more important than ever for your dealership to maximize the dollar amount on every transaction made.

We’re here to help.

Starting this month, SORS will be doing just a couple of new things within our dealer program in order to help you, our dealership partners, sell as many vehicles as possible for the highest margin possible. Continue reading below to learn how.


For the first time since being instated, the SORS dealer program will now be open to used vehicles sitting on your dealership’s lot. Our dealer program has always been exclusively focused on helping you move your new inventory. However, we realize the reality that new inventory is likely to be hard to come by over the next months. So, we’d like to help you move the inventory you are getting in – used vehicles. Used vehicles will be able to receive all three of our main dealer packages: the Sportsman level, Valor 4” and Anthem 6”.


In addition to opening up the dealer program to used vehicles, we’ve also come up with a few revised versions of our new vehicle packages. These packages are designed to give you an uplifted vehicle for a lower initial investment. Here’s a breakdown of the packages:

1/2 Ton Sportsman

This package is designed to give a vehicle the look of our Valor and Anthem packages and a much lower cost. However, in contrast to those packages, which use a 4”- 6” leveling kit and 35” – 37” tires, this package utilizes a leveling kit, premium wheels and 33” tires. While this Sportsman doesn’t have the same ground clearance as the higher lift packages, it achieves the aesthetic that truck enthusiasts love, making it a winner.

3/4 Ton Sportsman

This package results in a similar look to our Valor Site Boss package utilizing a 2.5” leveling kit. The vehicle height in this set up comes from the use of 20” wheels and 37” all-terrains. Add a toolbox, fender flares and six-step nerf bars to create an extremely aggressive looking, work-ready truck. While the package cost is significantly less than that of a Site Boss, your dealership should have no problem placing a premium markup on this truck and getting it moved. 


Southern Off-Road Specialists offers three distinct dealership packages, each of which features several standard features. However, each package can be custom tailored to fit a dealer’s needs. Add a bed rack, light bar, traction pads and a winch to our Valor or Anthem lift packages for an ideal overland vehicle – straight from your showroom.