Wheels are a big deal to truck enthusiasts. A deeply personal choice, they help you stand out from the crowd and set the tone of a vehicle’s style and appearance. Choice in wheels can make or break a truck, so choosing the right set, especially as a dealership up-fitting a vehicle in its inventory, is crucial. Within the aftermarket off-road wheel space, there are some go-to brands that have almost become synonymous with lifted trucks. While popular and reliable, these models are beginning to become a bit stale due to overuse – in short, you can’t go a mile without seeing them on a lifted truck. 

As a dealership, you can make for some stand-out vehicles by selecting other popular, but not quite so common wheel choices for your vehicles. In this article, we’ll cover 3 ‘rising stars’ in the off-road wheel space. We’ve picked these models based on their popularity and uniqueness to make for trucks that will both stand out from the pack and sell like hot cakes. Though none of these designs are radically different from the “standard” wheel models flooding the market, they have just enough individuality to make your trucks stand apart, and they are on track to become the new standards in the near future. 


With a laced spoke design and matte black finish, this wheel is perfectly on-par with today’s popular wheel styles. The Mayhem Tripwire adds just the right amount of aggression to any lifted truck without being overly flashy. In addition to a completely matte black finish, this model is available with milled spoke accents as well as red accents, making it an even more versatile wheel choice.


In contrast to the Mayhem’s slightly understated styling, the Cali Summit demands attention. Perfect for truck builds designed to turn heads, the Summit’s 16 spoke design stands out from the sea of laced-spoked wheel designs on the market today. While it’s offered in a more-or-less standard gloss black with milled spoke finish, the Summit is also offered in brushed and polished chrome finishes that further help it stand far and away from other off-road wheels on the market today.


Offering a slightly different aesthetic to the other two entries on this list, the Black Rhino Barstow is an excellent wheel choice that stands out from the crowds. The Barstow brings a military-inspired look that is becoming increasingly popular among lifted-truck enthusiasts, with all the ruggedness that off-roaders love. While it comes in the ubiquitous black finish, it also comes in matte bronze, a color we saw lots of at this year’s SEMA show. Though this wheel strays the farthest from today’s go-to styles, it’s still an excellent wheel choice from a well respected and in-demand manufacturer.

These three models are a fine example of wheel choices that will make your dealerships’ truck builds unique among the ‘standard’ wheel choices that many default to these days. You can view more wheels like these on our Wheel & Tire Options page if you’d like to learn more!


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