While there are a slew of makers of aftermarket, off-road wheels, Fuel Off-Road is arguably the biggest name in the business. With many aggressive models, Fuel provides the aesthetic that many off-roaders crave. Fuel also offers several unique finishes and while black reigns supreme, other finishes are picking up traction in off-road world. Of the alternate finishes, DDT is the rising star.


The classic look for Fuel, gloss black is the standard look for aftermarket off-road wheels and the look that launched Fuel to popularity.


DDT (short for Dual Dark Tint) is what Fuel Off-Road has dubbed their tint wheel finish. This finish is becoming increasingly popular among off-roaders, offering an aggressive look that stands out from run-of-the-mill black wheels.


Aftermarket side steps are a common upgrade for truck owners of all kinds. N-FAB’s newest offering in aftermarket side steps, the Podium, offers a full sized step that you can actually use, regardless of the type of footwear you use.


Of all the aftermarket bumper manufactures, there’s one brand we’ve seen rise to the top. Made in the USA, Fab Fours has skyrocketed in popularity since its inception in 2004 to become one of the largest aftermarket bumper manufacturers in the world. Fab Fours’ bumpers offer winch and light bar integration while being absolutely bulletproof in construction.

Matrix Bumper

Aggressively styled and winch ready, the Matrix is at the cutting edge of Fab Fours’ bumper innovation. The Matrix has become immensely popular within the word of off-roading.

Black Steel Elite

Designed for ruggedness among all else, the Black Steele Elite is Fab Fours’ premium ranch-style bumper. Truck owners of all kinds love these bumpers for the same reason – they’re nearly indestructible.