So your dealership is looking to have a vehicle (or several vehicles) up-fitted by a specialty shop in order to move some inventory. While there’s plenty of local and national up-fitters with whom you could partner your dealership, each shop will tout how they are a cut above the competition, and let’s face it – not all of them are. So, how do you know which shop is a wise choice to do business with?

There are a few key components that make for a good partner in vehicle up-fitting. In no particular order, here are the four qualities that are of the utmost importance in an automotive partnership.


The up-fitters involvement shouldn’t end when your vehicle comes back to your dealership. You need a partner who stands behind their work, their products and most importantly, you. Finding a shop with a warranty program is essential – you’ll have peace of mind knowing, that should issues arise with parts or the installation at your dealership, or even once the vehicle is sold, they’ll have your back and make things right. 

At your dealership, you want to turn vehicles without putting loads of money into them – we get that. While package cost is very important, the aftermarket products your up-fitter chooses for your vehicle must match the manufactures ride/drive quality, and the up-fitter must mirror your dealership’s warranty coverage. The last thing you want is a vehicle that won’t sell because it has inferior parts, or worse, a vehicle that sells only to become a warranty nightmare resulting in a dissatisfied customer. By partnering with an up-fitter with a warranty program, you ensure that the customer can have their vehicle serviced at any of the manufacturer’s dealerships across the country, and protect your dealership’s CSI.


It’s one thing for a shop to build a vehicle for you and do a good job. However, a good business partner will go above and beyond, doing what they can to promote your business and help you sell vehicles. At Southern Off-Road Specialists, we do this in a few different ways. First, we supply professionally crafted sales flyers (we call them Hero Cards) with every vehicle we deliver to you. You get high quality electronic copies you can print out or share on your social, while we post them on our “Currently Available” page with a link to your dealership’s website. Additionally, we regularly post “Dealership Spotlights” on our social media in order to draw attention to your dealership and help you sell vehicles.


Any shop can throw a lift kit, wheels and tires on a truck. However, a good business partner will craft a package specifically for you with parts and accessories that are currently in demand in your area. Brands like Fuel Off-RoadBlack Rhino, and Fab Fours are big sellers right now, so having a vehicle with products from these manufacturers in a tasteful package will make for a quick sell. Additionally, a truly exceptional partner should be capable of fabricating custom parts when necessary, in order to create vehicles that are truly unique to your dealership.

With that being said, your customer demographics will dictate what packages work best for you. Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all package, we tailor our packages to your target market. In order to make this happen, we collect data from our retail partners to forecast current consumer wants and to spot trends rising in the near future. Furthermore, our leadership team attends industry trade shows, such as SEMA, in order to keep up with the latest innovations. 

During the month of July, SORS vehicles accounted for 50% of gross profits at one of our biggest partners. Each vehicle we provided to this dealership was a unique creation designed specifically with the dealership’s customer demographics and interests in mind. When we say we know what sells, we mean it and we love to see our partners move inventory.


While each of the previous features are important qualities in an up-fitting shop, it’s all about collaboration at the end of the day. More than anything, your dealership needs a partner who’s going to work to meet your needs above all else. Flexibility and understanding need to be the core of any business relationship, and that’s especially true in this scenario. Southern Off-Road packages all have a base starting point, but we build our packages up from there to suit individual dealerships needs, budgets and target demographics. 

Southern Off-Road Specialists excels in each of these areas, providing individuality, warranty coverage and adaptability to every vehicle we build. Ultimately, our goal is to make you look good and provide you with vehicles that sell. To become an SORS dealership partner, click here


Southern Off-Road Specialists offers three distinct dealership packages, each of which features several standard features. However, each package can be custom tailored to fit a dealer’s needs. Add a bed rack, light bar, traction pads and a winch to our Valor or Anthem lift packages for an ideal overland vehicle – straight from your showroom.